We like to D.A.R.E you!

We believe that great hospitality starts with our Core Value “We D.A.R.E.” We experiment and innovate. Always seeking to redefine the codes of luxury hospitality. From the rare and intimate to the edgy and inspiring.

Why Desert Palm Hotel & Resort?

The foundation of our success is our excellent teams and team members. We strive to create a unique environment of care, trust, respect, fairness and teamwork through training, education and empowerment, participation, recognition, rewards and career opportunities.

The Service Signature:

“Knowledgeable, genuine, and sincere human interaction is increasingly rare. We like our team members with contemporary attitudes, acting with confidence rather than formality, savvy with presence and worldly style” We have created an environment of care, respect, teamwork through training, recognition, rewards and career opportunities

  • Do you D.A.R.E?
  • Do you have the desire to exceed expectations?
  • Do you have the attitude to push the envelope?
  • Do you respond to bold innovation?
  • Do you possess the confidence to engage in this philosophy?

If you answered “yes!” to these questions, we have the career for you. And that word, “career” is important. We seek to hire people who D.A.R.E to make a difference and are eager to grow with us. In other words, ambitious forward thinkers whose development we can support

Application Q&A

Q. Where do I go to apply?

From our careers pages on LinkedIn , you can navigate directly to our careers page. From there you can apply directly to the available positions posted.

Q. Can I apply for a job by visiting the Resort of offices and/or sending in my resume?

For your application to be received successfully, we recommend that you apply online.

Q. What happens if I don’t see a position I want to apply for?

Please contact our Human Resources Department at for any enquiries not related to specific positions. .